Friday, May 17, 2013

The New Pink Floyd- We DO Need Education; we DONT need thought control! Leave Our Teachers Alone!

The addiction to teaching comes from the fact that we do "reap what (we) sow!" Educators seldom know how the "seeds" we plant will harvest. Will they learn how to think critically? Will they be able to create, be an asset to their community and their families? Have I really helped my students reach their full potential and realize their goals BEYOND state test scores? Will they be true, active American citizens or politicians' and cooperations' sheep or worse yet, mules? Will they be self-reliant and at peace? Our interaction with our students fully immerses us in what and where they are coming from while compelling us to relentlessly focus on what they might be and where they might go if just given the proper education, environment and nurturing.

So imagine how proud the educators of Philadelphia are right now to know that our students protested by the thousands against budget cuts and school closings. Our students' march caused traffic delays and blockages. This time, they cut class so that class would still be there when they returned! 

I wonder did legislators and local school officials really think that our children were going to stand by and watch school after school close and program after program be denied funding. Our children are listening, watching and experiencing the school districts and their cities financial priorities. And as for critical thinking !!!!! One of my students asked the most profound question today! "If whatever the army needs or even doesn't need is funded, then why not fund whatever the school district needs to give the best to its students?" 

Be encouraged, educators! Our children are paying attention ! Legislators and public school officials. . .  beware; our children are observing what your true priorities are! 

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  1. I really believe education is more than just, locking children in room with a teacher and giving them homework. The approach to education should be comprehensive.


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