Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Great Educational Websites

Class Dojo
You can use to as a method of classroom management. It's basically a point system positive/negative and it tracks the class's as well as individual student's progress anywhere from daily to monthly. You can use these graphs in parent conferences as documentation. Sometimes tracking the progress during class can be tedious, I usually designate a student to manage it for me. They love it! There's also an app on the iPhone/Android

This site is a lot like Facebook, but for the classroom. You can posts comments, homework, websites, and videos just like a fb news feed. Parents can have access as well. There are also teacher resources available. You can also post grades and have students turn in assignments on there.

The Teaching Channel
This site has a ton a videos dedicated to teachers. Plenty of awesome ideas and resources for subject instruction to classroom management.

A healthy alternative to boring powerpoints.

Khan Academy
extend your learning experience from home. Great study resource.

iTunes U
on the itunes site...completely free Professors at top ranked universities provide their lectures on just about every subject you can imagine on here for free.

Poll Everywhere
You can create surveys about almost anything, even make multiple choice questions to poll your class on the day's objective. This does, however, require that students use their cell phones in order to participate.

What are some good educational websites that you use?

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