Saturday, March 23, 2013

Teach a (wo)man to fish...

Oftentimes we assume that people without resources can't learn or have too many obstacles standing in their way to find success and happiness. Below is truly a story of teaching "a man how to fish." How often do we as teachers and parents control the learning environment instead of facilitating it? This really is a matter of trust. Do you trust your children/students to accomplish the task you set forth without your constant help? They will have to eventually.  we perhaps too impatient when it comes to our expectations of not what they learn but when? Ask yourselves this as teachers and parents. I certainly have and sometimes I didn't like my answer. Sometimes you feel pressured by administrators, pacing guides, other parents, heck even society to get your child/student "there" where ever there is in a short amount of time. Everyone learns at his/her own pace. Instead of pressuring them to retain the lesson, instill the value of it. Why should they learn this? Of what significance to their lives is this lesson? If you teach that, the learner will be more motivated to step up to the challenge. Watch the video below and see how a group of impoverished mothers went from not knowing how to read or write to becoming solar engineers in 6 months! The work that they trained for, helped them sustain their villages and empower other women. We are always trying to swoop in and save people when they are very well capable of saving themselves. If we don't TEACH people and we do the learning for them, what will they do when we leave?

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